Franchise Law and Business Transactions

Anyone who needs a lawyer for a franchise-related problem should seek out a lawyer who understands the Federal Trade Commission’s Franchise Rule.  That Rule requires franchise sellers to give their buyers a Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) before making the sale.  In some states the franchise seller is required to submit the FDD to a state agency for registration before it can offer franchises.  Franchise sellers who violate the FDD rules can be penalized by the FTC, and in some states, including Ohio, their franchise buyers can file their own lawsuits for violations for up to five years.  If an Ohio franchise seller violates FDD rules, the buyer is given the right to bring a lawsuit for up to five years, and terminate the arrangement, get their money back, and recover up to three times the amount of their damages.  They can also get their own attorney fees paid.  Hiring an experienced FDD Lawyer can prevent that.


Only an experienced franchise lawyer has the knowledge and experience to understand the FTC Rule requirements and to prepare compliant documents or analyze a franchisor’s FDD documents.  Since the FTC Rule contains the requirements for preparing and distributing the FDD, some people refer to these franchise lawyers as FDD Lawyers.



If one of those scenarios describes your situation, you need an accomplished FDD Lawyer.  Contact Attorney Stanley M. Dub to discuss your situation today!

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