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Franchise law regulates the relationship between franchisors and franchisees by requiring franchisors to make pre-sale disclosures, and by limiting or prohibiting certain clauses franchisors might include in their Franchise Agreements. Ohio law and court decisions create different rules than in other states. A franchise client in Dayton, Ohio, needs the services of a franchise attorney who is an expert in these Ohio franchise laws. 

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Following his graduation from Law School in 1975, Mr. Dub worked in a variety of in-house corporate law positions and three private law firms until 2006. That year he opened his own private law practice, devoting about 90% of his time working on franchise law matters. In addition to his private practice, Mr. Dub has taught an annual course on Franchise Law at Case Western Reserve University Law School for the past ten years. No other Ohio lawyer teaches franchise law at a law school. Ohio has a unique Franchise Law not widely understood by most attorneys; Professor Dub was a member of the Ohio Bar Assn Committee that wrote the latest amendments to the law in 2012.  Since then, Mr. Dub has been involved as either attorney or consultant in most of the lawsuits brought in Ohio that involved the law. 

If you’re looking for the Leading Ohio Franchise Attorney, Professor Dub is your man.

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Typical Situations Addressed by a franchise attorney in Dayton, Ohio

Typical Situations Addressed by a franchise attorney in Dayton, Ohio

An experienced franchise attorney in Dayton, Ohio can address these critical issues:

  • Franchisor Compliance: If you’re thinking of selling franchises, or expanding your franchise system into other states, you need someone to help design your system write your franchise documents, or counsel you about compliance with out-of-state rules.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We offer regular reviews to ensure ongoing operations comply with franchise laws, avoiding potential lawsuits and legal issues.
  • Proposed Franchisees: Franchise Agreements are among the most one-sided agreements in existence. While changes can be difficult to achieve, potential buyers might wish to walk away and look for a different investment if the proposed franchise agreement is worse than the norm. Only a document review by an expert franchise attorney can provide a buyer with the guidance he or she needs to make such a decision.
  • Conflict Resolution: Assistance with disputes between franchisors and franchisees or with third parties, including lawsuits, arbitrations, mediations and settlement discussions. Franchise Agreements typically require that any disputes be resolved in the franchisor’s state, but sometimes Ohio law can overcome such contract language.
  • Franchise Transfers, Renewals or Terminations: These issues are typically addressed to the franchisor’s advantage in many pages of legal fine print. Getting help from an expert franchise attorney may be necessary to achieve the appropriate result.

Legal Process Overviews

Understanding the franchise legal landscape requires familiarity with various essential processes.

  • Franchise Agreement Drafting and Review: Tailoring agreements to meet specific business needs while ensuring legal compliance.
  • FDD Preparation and Compliance: Assistance with creating and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document to align with FTC regulations.
  • Litigation and Arbitration Services: Representing your interests in legal disputes and arbitration proceedings, should they arise.
Legal Process Overviews

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