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“Franchise law” refers to the state and federal laws and regulations that govern the relationship between franchisors and franchisees. For clients in Ohio, these consist of regulations of the Federal Trade Commission, Ohio’s Business Opportunity Law (the law regulating sale of franchises) and court-made law (interpretations of law based on previous Ohio cases). Using an expert who serves franchise lawyer in Toledo, Ohio, ensures that your franchise operates within these legal frameworks, preventing potential legal issues before they arise.

Franchise law

Did You Know?

When a business sells franchises, the Federal Trade Commission requires them to provide a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) to prospective franchisees at least 14 days before a contract is signed. This document contains 23 specific items of information about the franchise, its officers, and other franchisees.

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When Should hire a Client in Toledo, Ohio, Franchise Lawyer?

When Should hire a Client in Toledo, Ohio, Franchise Lawyer?

Navigating franchise operations involves many legal complexities that require professional legal counsel. An experienced franchise lawyer in Toledo, Ohio can address these critical issues:

  • Considering Selling Franchises? If you’re thinking of expanding your business by selling franchises, you need someone to help design your system and write your franchise documents.
  • Compliance with laws and regulations: If you already operate a franchise, you need help with ongoing legal compliance and annual revision of your documents. Some states require that franchise documents be submitted to a state agency (“registered”) before any sales in the state are made.
  • Thinking of Buying a Franchise? Anyone considering investing in a franchise should have the franchise documents reviewed by an expert before buying. Franchise Agreements are usually very one-sided and sometimes a purchaser is better off walking away and looking for a different franchise. There’s no way to know without getting an expert document review.
  • Conflict Resolution: Disputes between franchisors and franchisees play out against a background of state and federal laws and regulations and the limitations imposed by the franchisor’s one-sided contract. Franchisors use experienced franchise lawyers from places like Washington or Chicago. To give themselves a chance to prevail in a dispute, franchisees need to hire their own franchise law expert.
  • Sales, Renewals and Terminations: These subjects are all covered by many pages of one-sided language in the Franchise Agreement. To steer clear of problems while navigating these provisions, hiring a franchise law expert can be crucial.

Legal Process Overviews

Understanding the franchise legal landscape requires familiarity with various essential processes.

  • Franchise Agreement Drafting and Review: Tailoring agreements to meet specific business needs while ensuring legal compliance.
  • FDD Preparation and Compliance: Assistance with creating and reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document to align with FTC regulations.
  • Litigation and Arbitration Support: Representing your interests in legal disputes and arbitration proceedings, should they arise.
Legal Process Overviews
Why Stanley M. Dub is the Go-To Franchise Attorney in Toledo and Throughout Ohio

Why Stanley M. Dub is the Go-To Franchise Attorney in Toledo and Throughout Ohio

Only a small number of attorneys practice franchise law as a specialty.  Many attorneys say they handle franchise law matters, but how many actually spend most of their time handling franchise law matters? 

Mr. Dub has practiced law in a variety of settings since 1975. Since opening his own practice in 2006, Mr. Dub has devoted 90% of his time working on franchise law matters.  He also teaches Franchise Law at Case Western Reserve University Law School and next year will mark his 10th year doing so. No other Ohio lawyer teaches a franchise law course. Ohio has a unique Franchise Law not widely understood by most attorneys; Professor Dub was a member of the Ohio Bar Assn Committee that wrote the latest amendments to the law. Since the 2012 passage of the law, Mr. Dub has been involved in most of the lawsuits in Ohio that involved the law, as either attorney or consultant for a party. If you’re looking for an expert on Ohio Franchise Law or diiferent areas in ohio we provide you in Dayton aswell, Mr. Dub is the obvious choice.

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