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Why should Akron Franchise clients seek out an attorney who is an expert in Franchise Law?

Only a small number of attorneys practice franchise law as a specialty. Many attorneys say they handle franchise law matters, and possibly they wish they did so more often. But how many actually spend most of their time handling franchise law matters? Very few. 

expert in Franchise Law?

Since opening his law practice in 2006, attorney Stanley M. Dub has devoted 90% of his time working on franchise law matters. Mr. Dub teaches an annual course on Franchise Law at Case Western Reserve University Law School. No other Ohio attorney teaches a franchise law course. Ohio has a unique Franchise Law not widely understood by most attorneys; Mr. Dub was a member of the Ohio Bar Assn Committee that wrote the latest amendments to the law.  Since passage of the amended law, Mr. Dub has been involved in most of the lawsuits brought in Ohio that involved the law, as either attorney or consultant for a party. If you’re looking for an expert on Ohio Franchise Law, Mr. Dub is the obvious choice.

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When Should a Client in Akron, Ohio Hire a Franchise Attorney?

When Should a Client in Akron, Ohio Hire a Franchise Attorney?

  • Franchisor Compliance: Considering sale of franchises? Need someone to help design your system or write your franchise documents?
  • Regulatory Compliance: Regular reviews to ensure ongoing operations comply with franchise laws, avoiding potential lawsuits and legal issues.
  • Proposed Franchisees: Before you sign any franchise agreement, to ensure you know what you’re getting into before you commit yourself.
  • Conflict Resolution: Assistance with disputes between franchisors and franchisees or with third parties. Assistance with lawsuits, arbitrations, mediations and settlement discussions.
  • Renewals and Terminations: Navigating the complexities of franchise renewals, transfers, or terminations.

How Can Stanley M. Dub Help?

At the Law Office of Stanley M. Dub, your franchise business will receive tailored legal guidance that aligns with your specific needs and goals in Akron:

  • Custom Legal Strategies: Developed to protect and enhance your franchise.
  • Proactive Legal Services: From ongoing compliance checks to contract reviews.
  • Dedicated Support: As an experienced franchise attorney in Akron, Ohio, Mr. Dub is committed to your business’s long-term success.

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If you’re ready to secure your franchise’s future and are looking for the leading franchise attorney in Akron, Ohio, we providing services to clients in Akron, as well as other areas in Ohio visit Toledo, contact Stanley M. Dub today. Benefit from a consultation that prepares your franchise for any legal challenges ahead.