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We Prepare FDDs and Franchise Agreements For Clients In All 50 States, and We Handle State Registrations.

FDD’s are subject to complex state and federal regulations, and mistakes in your documents can have catastrophic consequences for your business. In Ohio, mistakes in the FDD can give a buyer the right to terminate the agreement and get his money back, even if the franchisee has already operated the business for a few years. Only an experienced franchise lawyer should prepare these documents.

In 35 years of practicing franchise law, Stanley Dub has prepared disclosure documents and agreements for a number of franchise sellers, including several first-time franchisors. None of these clients has ever faced a claim that their documents violated franchise disclosure rules.

We Offer Compliance Reviews of Your FDD’s.

If you’ve faced a claim that your FDD fails to comply with disclosure rules, you know how distracting and expensive this problem can be. If you merely suspect your documents may have problems, why not have them looked at before someone makes a claim?

While you’re at it, why not get your Franchise Agreement reviewed? You may be losing franchise buyers because of contract language that needlessly drives them away. Franchise agreements always favor the franchisor in important respects, but sometimes they end up being packed with language a franchisor doesn’t need or want, and may not even know his agreement contains. Having your agreement reviewed by an outside expert can tell you this.

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We offer franchisors the opportunity to have their documents and signing procedures “audited” for compliance with state and federal rules. Just as in medicine, this sort of preventative service can pay for itself many times over, even if only a single problem is avoided.

We Assist Franchisors In All 50 States To Resolve Disputes With Their Franchisees.

Some franchise lawyers represent only franchisees or franchisors, but we do both. Why not? Can you imagine a business lawyer who would represent buyers of businesses but not represent a seller? Or a real estate lawyer who only represented tenants and would not represent a landlord? Lawyers are trained as advocates for their clients’ positions, and Mr. Dub has consulted as a franchise law expert, helped resolve disputes without litigation, and initiated franchise litigation on behalf of both franchisors and franchisees.

Most franchise disputes are settled, even where suit is filed or arbitration commenced. How these disputes get resolved frequently depends on your lawyer’s franchise law experience and ability. Before you use a different lawyer, compare their franchise law credentials with those of Mr. Dub.

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