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Franchise law regulates the relationship between franchisors and franchisees by requiring that franchisors make extensive pre-sale disclosures, and by limiting or prohibiting certain terms franchisors might include in their Franchise Agreements.  Ohio law and court cases impose different rules than other states. A franchise attorney in Columbus, Ohio, needs the services of a franchise attorney who is an expert in these Ohio franchise laws. 

Columbus, Ohio

Attorney Stanley M. Dub operates his own franchise law firm, devoting 90% of his time since 2006 to working on franchise law matters. In addition to his private law practice, Mr. Dub teaches an annual course on Franchise Law at Case Western Reserve University Law School, something no other Ohio lawyer does. Professor Dub has taught the course each year since 2016 and has agreed to teach it for the 10th straight year in 2025. Ohio has a unique Franchise Law not widely understood by most attorneys; Professor Dub worked on the committee that wrote the latest amendments to the law. Since the law was revised in 2012, he has been involved as either attorney or consultant in most of the lawsuits brought in Ohio that involved the law. If you’re looking for the leading Ohio Franchise Attorney, Professor Dub is the obvious choice.

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Typical Situations Addressed by a franchise attorney in Columbus, Ohio

Only an experienced franchise attorney in Columbus, Ohio can address these critical issues:

  • Thinking of Franchising Your Business? You need someone to offer you expert guidance and help design your system and write your franchise documents.
  • Already Operating a Franchise System? You will expert guidance to let you sell into states that have Franchise Registration requirements, and to properly update your documents each year.
  • Considering Purchase of a Franchise? Before you sign a franchise agreement, you should have the FDD and agreement reviewed by an expert Columbus, Ohio franchise attorney. Franchise Agreements are very one-sided and franchisors are reluctant to make changes. Sometimes potential buyers are better off walking away and looking for a different franchise opportunity.
  • Help with Disputes: If you are involved in a dispute with your franchisor, we offer help with settlement discussions, or with lawsuits, arbitrations or mediations. Franchise Agreements almost always require disputes to be conducted in the franchisor’s state, but sometimes Ohio law can be used to overcome these requirements.
  • Ending or Renewing a Relationship: We provide legal help with franchise renewals, transfers, or terminations.

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Professor Dub provides unmatched legal expertise to clients in Columbus, Ohio and different areas in ohio like Cincinnati , offering comprehensive services that cover every aspect of franchise law. Whether you’re planning to sell franchises, buy a franchise, or facing complex legal challenges, Stanley M. Dub’s proactive approach and strategic planning will help ensure your success.