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Understanding Franchise Law

Franchise law is a specialty area practiced by only a small number of attorneys. And each state has its own franchise laws and set of rules established by previous court cases. If you needed heart surgery you wouldn’t want it performed by a general practitioner; similarly, if you have a franchise legal problem you should want an attorney that has dealt with your situation many times in the past.

Why Choose the Franchise Lawyer Clients in Cincinnati, Ohio Swear by?

  • Franchisor Compliance: If you are a business considering selling franchises, or if you need an attorney to write your Franchise Agreement or Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”), you need an experienced Ohio Franchise Attorney. Using an attorney with many years of franchise law practice gives you the benefit of the attorney’s business experience, and helps ensure that your franchise will comply with state and federal laws and regulations.
  • Franchisee Protection: If you are an individual considering purchase of a franchise, you should have your documents reviewed by an experienced franchise attorney before you sign. Franchise agreements are among the most one-sided business agreements in existence, and franchisors resist making changes. But changes can sometimes be negotiated, and at other times the best decision a buyer might make is to walk away. Buying a franchise can be a big investment and can involve signing a long term contract with no early exit permitted. Don’t be penny-wise and pound foolish. Don’t buy a franchise without knowing what you are getting into. Don’t assume you can just read the agreement yourself and save a few dollars! These are very complex agreements and only an experienced franchised attorney should be asked to review one.
  • Franchise Disputes: Sometimes franchise purchases go bad. When they do, the franchisor typically has the upper hand, since the agreement is written to favor the franchisor. If you’re involved in a dispute that could involve a court case or an arbitration, you need to involve an expert in Ohio Franchise Law. Your franchisor will be represented by an experienced litigator from a big law firm who specializes in franchise law. Only a known franchise law expert will be able to give your side credibility.

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Common Issues in Franchise Law

Common Issues in Franchise Law

  • Contractual Disputes: Interpretation, enforcement, and termination of franchise agreements can lead to disputes that require legal resolution.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complying with applicable state and national franchise laws and regulations is essential for lawful operation.
  • Financial Disagreements: Disputes over fees, royalty payments, or financial management can affect the franchise relationship.
  • Territorial Concerns: Defining and respecting the geographical boundaries of franchise territories to prevent market conflicts.
  • Renewal and Exit Strategies: Managing franchise renewals, sales or exits requires careful legal oversight.

Why Trust the Expertise of Stanley M. Dub?

Stanley M. Dub is recognized as the preeminent franchise law expert serving the Cincinnati area as well as other areas in Ohio Like Akron. Choosing him as your franchise lawyer in Cincinnati, Ohio, offers several advantages:

  • Law School Educator: Dub is the only attorney in Ohio who teaches Franchise Law at a law school. Since 2016, he has taught an annual Franchise Law course and served as Adjunct Professor of Franchise Law at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University Law School.
  • State Law Expertise: Dub served on the Ohio Bar Assn. committee that wrote the latest amendments to Ohio’s Franchise Law. His deep knowledge of Ohio’s legal landscape helps in disputes with out of state franchisors and their attorneys.
  • Proven Track Record: Dub’s many years of focused franchise law practice ensures you receive skilled legal counsel.
  • Client-Centered Approach: Every case is treated with unique attention and crafted strategies that align with client objectives.

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